Reviews o'clock

Two more for Chortle: WitTank (I've just noticed that their publicity puff compares them to "a runaway carnival of invention", which is a bit of a lie - if they had said "a runaway carnival of silliness, big faces and high energy", it would be more accurate, but perhaps that's the reason I don't have a job writing puff pieces for sketch shows.)
And Ralph Shirley's Philosophical Investigations (for the record, my note that Shirley ordered his topics using Tractarian notation rather than the numberless paragraphs Wittgenstein used in the Investigations was cut by the editor. Unbelievable.)

And two from edfringereview.com: Nottingham newcomers Chaps on Legs, and Singles Collection, a double-bill curio featuring Tim Shishodia, often weird and sometimes wonderful.

I have seen various other shows at the Fringe, and I shall endeavour to write something about them as soon as I get the chance.

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